Illegal Logging Declines By 22%

Illegal Logging Declines By 22%

A recently released report by Chatham House has revealed that global production of illegal timber has decreased by nearly 22%, since 2002. This is the first comprehensive report on this matter and it confirmed that steps taken by the countries to deal with this issue have generated significant impact.     

As per the report, illegal logging has declined by 50% in Cameroon, between 50-75% in the Brazilian Amazon and by almost 75% in Indonesia, since the last decade.

In this report, various countries like Malaysia, Ghana, Cameroon, Indonesia and Brazil apart from countries that use these products like the UK, US, Japan, France and the Netherlands have been surveyed. The survey also covers processing countries, China and Vietnam.

But, illegal logging still remains a big issue across the world and this is especially more prevalent in the developing countries.

To deal with this problem, various developed and developing countries are working together. The lead author of the report, Sam Lawson stressed that more efforts are required to deal with this issue.

The issue severely harms the interests of developing countries and also has a negative impact on the environment. 

The reduction in illegal logging will also have a positive impact on the environment and also, reduce the global warming process. Experts feel that more efforts are required to completely root out this problem across the world.