Multiple Sclerosis: Controversial Treatment Striking Doctors and MS Society

Multiple Sclerosis: Controversial Treatment Striking Doctors and MS Society

A deep gap has been created between the supporters and those who condemned the controversial treatment that assures relief from the ordeal of multiple sclerosis. President of the Alberta division of the MS Society of Canada, Neil Pierce, explained this extreme controversy. He said that those people, who didn’t want to publicly reveal their sides of dissatisfaction of the failure of the liberation process, are now afraid of the criticism that they’ll have to face from the people of MS community.

Last week also, the advocates of ‘liberation therapy’ were disappointed for the multiple sclerosis treatment provided by the Alberta Health Services, the centralized corporate behemoth running the province’s healthcare system. The latter did so on the basis of a survey that was carried out to find a relationship between MS and ‘chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency’ (CCSVI). It gave an example, “If proven, the association between MS and CCSVI may actually be explained by MS causing CCSVI”.

Now, the main people struck in between are the doctors and the MS Society. An Italian doctor, Paolo Zamboni, had introduced this ‘liberation therapy’, who explained that it was based on the narrowing of veins, which is also called CCSVI. CCSVI further leads to the increase of blood and iron in the brain and can cause dizziness, exhaustion, muscle spasms and various other symptoms associated with MS.

This new procedure for the treatment has been adopted by many other countries like Poland and Mexico, but Canada is still not satisfied with it, and says that it needs some more research. Therefore, it hasn’t adopted this new procedure as yet.

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