Australian Experts Dismiss the Claims of Massive Solar Storm

Australian Experts Dismiss the Claims of Massive Solar Storm

It has been claimed that massive storm in the solar system could swab the entire power grid of the Earth, but the leading body of Australia, which is responsible for keeping a check on the space weather is not agreed with the claims.

As per the reports, an Australian astronomer has said that the time of storm arrival is not so far, as it is likely to come sooner.

However, the Assistant Director of the Bureau of Meteorology's Ionospheric Prediction Service, Dr. Phil Wilkinson says that the report, which claims that the coming massive storm will be most ferocious in 100 years is not factual.

He also said that these claims can affect people who have no idea about the underlying science behind it all.

“The real message should be that the coming solar maximum period could be equally as hazardous as any other solar maximum”, he added.

According to the scientific facts, the Sun has to cover the 11-year solar cycle and in between this it moves from a period of low activity known as solar minimum to a period of heightened activity known as solar maximum.

The sun spot activity increases during solar maximum, as magnetic field lines break through the Sun's surface and lead to the formation of dark patches on the Sun's surface.

As a result different portions of the Sun starts rotating at different speeds, as sun is not made up of solid mass like Earth, causing the magnetic field lines to elongate and twist.