Cadillac unveils its presidential limo for Obama

Cadillac unveils its presidential limo for ObamaOn his Inauguration day January 20, Barack Obama will be driven down the Pennsylvania Avenue by highly accomplished Secret Service drivers, in the new presidential limousine – the 2009 Cadillac Presidential Limousine.

Cadillac has unveiled the pictures of its new limo for the president – the sleek black car bears the US flag on the front fenders and an embroidered presidential seal affixed to several panels in the back.

The heavy-duty updated model for the president boasts of security at its best – the machine has a 5-inch protective covering around its body, bulletproof glasses, and a fortified interior to combat a chemical attack.

Describing the vehicle, the company statement said: “The latest Cadillac Presidential Limousine is a completely new design, succeeding the DTS Presidential Limousine that debuted in 2004. The new car incorporates many of the dramatic design and technology features of new and highly acclaimed Cadillac vehicles.”

Roughly of the same size as President Bush’s car, the new presidential limo is a little more upright. Some parts of the car’s cabin have been cut and sewn by hand, and its back passenger area has an “extensive executive compartment” inclusive of “mobile office features.”

According to the Detroit News, nearly 25 other builds of the new Cadillac limo are being manufactured for the government.