Meter Maids Witness Soaring Support

Meter Maids Witness Soaring Support

Over 76% of the readers under the goldcoast. com. au have reported to employ the gold bikini-clad “meter maids” for their event.

The support being raised for hiring Gold Coast’s iconic and skimpily dressed babes for the as hosts of a remote control racing competition for Tech. Ed delegates during the Tech. Ed welcome party, is reported to have cropped up an furor.

"There is not anything intrinsically wrong with Meter Maids. It was just that for some, their appearance was an unexpected association with the Microsoft brand which is known for being a bit staid and boring”, Professor Simon Bell, a Marketing and Social Media Expert at Melbourne University supported.

In addition, he posted that the issue has been over hyped by the media and there is nothing fishy in it.

However, on the other side, the decision has grabbed a lot of castigation also.

Following a spate of criticism on social networking site-- Twitter, Microsoft came forward to launch a public apology for what it did, ignoring its attempt to name the Maids, and granting approval to their costumes a few days before.

Besides, all criticism over it, the controversy has proved to be helpful as it has boosted corporate bookings, claimed Meter Maids boss Roberta Aitchison.