First Single Cochlear Implant to be Successful

Audiology specialist for the charity, Crystal Rolfe, says that there are various evidences that suggest that hearing in both ears is more helpful than with just one ear. Additionally bilateral implants entail lesser amount of money as required when having two different implants.

With the success of the UK's first single cochlear implant, there is a likelihood that more and more people might now opt for it. A severely deaf woman has undergone the implant wherein one wire is passed into one inner ear and the other under the scalp from the single implant into the other ear.

The electronic device has been implanted in the ears of the woman, from the Isle of Wight at the Southampton General Hospital. The operation is said to have went on for four hours and the final result is still awaited.

"As this is the first operation of this kind in the UK, we look forward to seeing the outcomes and more research into the benefits of these devices”, says Crystal Rolfe.

Adults who go in for an implant in one ear tend to face trouble in noisy situations and fail to understand the source of the noise or the direction it is coming from.