'Vapor trail' leads to Paris Hilton's Vegas arrest

'Vapor trail' leads to Paris Hilton's Vegas arrest

Paris Hilton's latest legal sandal occurred as a police officer on a motorcycle passed by the actresses' Cadillac Escalade from where smoke was drifting out which the officer doubted to be the odour of marijuana.

It also asserted by the police officials that subsequently a bag of cocaine dropped out of the actresses' handbag as she was taking out her lip gloss. This is the second time that the 29 year old member of the glitterati has been detained on the burden of retaining drugs though the previous time in South Africa during summer the officials there had dismissed the charges of possession of marijuana against her.

Previously in the year 2007, the actress had beseeched not guilty of careless driving and alcohol levels in blood higher than permissible and was condemned to prison for a period of 45 days. This time Hilton was with her boyfriend who also owns a club within the Wynn Las Vegas.

The officer stated that they were driving the black SUV from where he had traced the trail of smoke and smell of marijuana. The officer also affirmed that actress pleaded to go into the Wynn resort as a huge mob has assembled by the time the other officer appeared.


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