Mother Appalled Over Lack of Assistance for Autistic Children

Mother Appalled Over Lack of Assistance for Autistic Children

Susan Fentie-Pearce, Co-founder of Ontario Autism Coalition, has four sons with two among them hit by autism.

Ontario Autism Coalition is a state body that has worked for introducing shorter waiting times and better treatment facilities for children surviving with autism.

Susan’s has been really afflicted with the deteriorating condition of her youngest, 14-year-old son Keith who can’t speak. From the past few months, he has been undergoing a worse autism period characterized with huge anger, pinching, biting, kicking, and injuring himself.

Hit by an afflicted circumstances, the mother is in a pursuit of help for her family. On Friday, she visited the office of her MPP, Greg Sorbara.

However, the visit turned out to be even more disturbing. She has claimed that she got lots of insensitive and belittling words despite of a helpful advice. Besides, she alleged to have been advised to give up custody of her son to the Children's Aid Society in a view to give him a better treatment.

Claiming to the advice to be completely disturbing and inappropriate, the mother has accused Greg Sorbara.

However, Sorbara has claimed that the advice has been misconstrued by her.

“The only way you can get immediate access to a residential facility is for a judge to order it. That could be a criminal court judge or it could be a family court judge through Children’s Aid, but I can’t make an order”, Sorbara quoted.