Industrial Action Called Off by SA Nurses

Nurses in South Australia

Nurses in South Australia were supposed to resort to industrial action concerning public hospital staffing issue, but have called off the same.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation informed that now, it would try and make attempts at solving the unsolved problems with the state Government by making some negotiations.

If this attempt fails to bear anything fruitful, then the case will be taken for arbitration.

Elizabeth Dabars, Federation Chief Executive said that safe staffing was of utmost significance to the nurses and midwives.

On Wednesday, she said that since the Government had been exhibiting stubborn attitude towards the trouble, associates have shown the desire to talk about solving the trouble via negotiations.

In the most recent days, nurses and midwives in South Australia settled remuneration claim with the Government, after they accepted a 15% pay increase over the term of three years.

However, the settlement did not make everyone happy since the nurses remained in conflict concerning the staffing levels in hospital and therefore, the result was industrial action, so as to support the claims made by them.

Ms. Dabars said that the action would come to an end almost abruptly, but the nurses desired arbitration regarding the outstanding troubles completed by the concluding parts of September.