Infected Scottish Patients Call in For another Round of Inquiry into Blood Scandal

Infected Scottish Patients

A revelation has been made by the Scottish patients, who were infected with hepatitis C or HIV after they were dripped with tainted blood, and the kind of impact that the instance has had upon their lives.

It was in the year 1970s and 80s that they had to wait for long number of days to get the results of their diagnosis and then had to face the taboo that was linked with the infectivity as well as the dreadful symptoms.

The testimonies arrived have been named as the Penrose Inquiry into the blood scandal, and in its foremost report, it has offered the details of the proofs that it collected up to now.

After a team of inspectors carried investigation into the matter and examined more than 80,000 credentials and recorded statements along with taking over 100 witness statements, marked another round of inspection into the issue.

Almost 70 patients and their family members applied to Lord Penrose to play the core volunteers, however, up to now, this has been learnt that just 14 volunteers have been given a positive signal.

Also, Bruce Norval, who was infected with hepatitis C virus after he received the contaminated blood, stated that the inspection would not be able to dig out other infection instances, since there could be many, who may have been exposed to others infections too.