Iraqi Girl Successfully Operated in Delhi for Innate Deafness

Iraqi Girl Successfully Operated in Delhi for Innate Deafness

Monday brought the positive news of a four year old Iraqi girl, being successfully operated, who suffered from innate severe deafness, ever since she was born.

The Doctors at a Delhi hospital found success in restoring her hearing powers and the team informed that the girl was responding to sounds.

An Apollo Hospital doctor, who operated 4 year old Fatima Ali, informed that the girl was born without auditory nerve, which is the tool in human body that allows one to hear.

The team of doctors placed an electronic devise in her brain that will help in restoring her hearing capabilities.

Senior Surgeon of the Apollo Hospitals, Ameet Kishore, the man behind carrying out the surgery informed IANS that no less than two months will be taken, as it is an observation period to see how and when the brain responds to the devise that has been fixed inside the brain of this Iraqi girl.

The family of the girl is rejoicing seeing her respond to the sounds around her, since her parents least expected Fatima to recover from this disability.

The auditory brain stem implant operation success was not only good news for the family, but also for the team that was involved in the operation.