Crew of 12 with Three Medics Fly to Antarctica Rescuing Sick American

Crew of 12 with Three Medics Fly to Antarctica Rescuing Sick American

An Air Force plane flew to Antarctica, in order to rescue a U. S. national, who has been battling for his life.

The sick man is in the U. S. research base at McMurdo Station and a crew of 12, along with three medics has flown to get the sick man back to New Zealand, so as to offer medical services to him, at the earliest.

New Zealand Air Force Squadron Leader, Kavae Tamariki said that not much was known about the American, who is seriously ill, but instead of an injury, it has been known that the man is suffering from some form of illness.

At first, the rescue team left for Antarctica on Monday from Christchurch, but the snowstorm compelled them to return after an hour of their initial take-off.

Tamariki said that since there was snow everywhere, nothing was visible. The runway too was covered with thick snow.

The second flight to Antarctica was able to touch the runway safely this morning, regardless of temperatures touching -35 Celsius.

Speaking from New Zealand today, Tamariki said that the plane has landed, and everyone is waiting to hear from them, making a comeback from Antarctica to New Zealand.

McMurdo had been established in the year 1995, in order to offer services as the logistics center of the Antarctic Program, initiated by the United States.