CDC Report: No Link Between Mercury-Containing Vaccines and Autism

CDC Report: No Link Between Mercury-Containing Vaccines and Autism

A new study from the CDC has revealed that there is no link between vaccines having thimerosal and autism. There is no risk to newborns or those in the womb to contract autism.

This study is the latest of nearly 20 studies, which have not found any association between childhood immunizations and autism.

In the study, it was observed that the children who got autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were not exposed to vaccines that had mercury-containing preservative, in comparison to others.

The reason that why some children develop ASD is still unknown, but right now, other likely causes should take the centre stage, said CDC Director of Immunization Safety and study researcher, Frank DeStefano, MD, MPH.

He told WebMD, “I don’t think there is much worthwhile to study anymore with regard to thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism”.

By making use of electronic vaccination registries and medical charts, intake of thimerosal-containing vaccines was found out. Also, the parents were interviewed to substantiate the prognosis of autism and vaccination history.

It has surfaced that instances of autism are on the surge all over the world. According to the CDC, one in 110 kids in the U. S. contract ASD that comprises a variety of developmental disorders from Asperger’s syndrome to acute retardation, and just about complete isolation from the society.