Coalition is Short-Sighted: Ed Miliband’s Accusation

Coalition is Short-Sighted: Ed Miliband’s Accusation

The coalition is being accused by Ed Miliband of being short-sighted concerning the progression of green economy.

While speaking at the Commons during the morning time, the shadow energy escritoire cautioned that the Government was not making enough investment into economic future of the nation.

Recalling that the ex- Labor Government has given approval of £60m, so as to improve port facilities essential to aid the development of the offshore wind, at the same time, Miliband demanded from Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, to give confirmation that the new Government too would invest the funds.

As said by him, there could be no possibility of convincing plans for deficit reduction if there was lack of schemes concerning growth and employment.

Huhne informed MPs that it was very necessary for positive future of offshore wind energy that the nation offered a competent supply chain that will sustain the industry properly.

At the same time, he warned that all of the investment decisions to be made by the Government are conditional on the comprehensive spending assessment.

The Lib Dem Secretary of state said that he was positive that the Government would step forward to offer a plan that will trigger the procedure towards a low carbon economy formation.