Sony releases PlayStation Move motion-sensing device for PS3

Sony releases PlayStation Move motion-sensing device for PS3

Sony has clearly jumpstarted the next battleground in its console war with Nintendo and Microsoft, with the Friday, Saturday 16, release of its PlayStation Move motion-sensing device for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console.

The PlayStation Move launch, which comes three days ahead of the scheduled September 19 release, hits the stores one-and-a-half months before the impending release of Microsoft’s competing motion-control system – Kinect.

Noting that with Sony’s early release of the PlayStation Move is aimed at enabling consumers to purchase the device “as soon possible,” the company’s spokesman Al de Leon said on Friday: “Consumers will be able to find PlayStation Move today nationwide at retailers, for the most part.”

While GameStop stores commenced the sales of the PlayStation Move at midnight launches on Friday night; Amazon is already taking orders for the motion-sensing device from Sony. The PlayStation Move enables the gamers to control a game with the movement of a handheld wand which is fairly similar to the Nintendo Wii. The system, which works with more advanced games and is apparently more accurate and versatile than the Wii, includes a special camera that plugs into the PS3 and the handheld controller.

With its three essential parts - the PlayStation Eye camera; the Move motion controller; and the Move navigation controller, – the PlayStation Move package, inclusive of one game, is priced at $100; while an additional wand costs $50.