Two Gene Therapy Lab Researchers Sacked for Scientific Misconduct

Two Gene Therapy Lab Researchers Sacked for Scientific Misconduct

This afternoon, Mount Sinai School of Medicine made an announcement that it fired two researchers working at a leading gene therapy lab since they were found to have been involved in scientific misconduct.

At the same time, an inquiry into the matter by lab’s lead scientists, could not reveal or prove that the two were involved in the same.

The inquiry, which as well led to the withdrawal of four journals, was initiated after Woo made the research integrity office of the institution aware regarding him suspecting misconduct by two researchers.

Mount Sinai did not offer the names of the accused however the results of the investigation that was carried out have been forwarded to the required Governmental agencies.

Woo is one of the famous names due to his rare genetic disease, phenylketonuria, work. In the year 1983, Woo cloned the DNA that is mutated in patients with PKU, which initiated the process into developing gene therapies, so as to treat the disease.

A number of papers which includes the ones Molecular Therapy papers of 2007 were not withdrawn and it is not really clear if the papers are also in question.