SDHS Reveals that Circumcised Men More Likely to be HIV Carriers

SDHS Reveals that Circumcised Men More Likely to be HIV Carriers

According to information in the Swaziland Demographic and Health Survey, the numbers of men who are circumcised are more likely to be carriers of the HIV virus.

The survey contains information from the year 2006 and it summarizes the findings of the survey conducted by the Swaziland Central Statistical Office (SCO).

According to the report, 22% men who are circumcised were the carriers of the virus as compared to 20% in uncircumcised men. The acronym HIV stands for Human Immuno Deficiency.

The report further provides information that circumcised men are less likely to contract the virus due to the physiological difference between circumcised and uncircumcised men after the procedure. However, the data carried by the report is a witness to altogether another scenario.

The report also states that the function of male circumcision to protect a man from HIV can be of full use only after the full removal of the foreskin and not the partial removal, as partial removal will only provide with partial protection from the virus.

It still needs to be determined with greater surety, whether; the difference between what analysts say and the picture painted by the statistics truly represents the ground reality.