Penny-wise wedding plans amid recession

Recession appears to have hit the wedding plans of the soon-to-wed couples, especially, of course, the brides-to-be! At the Beginnings Bridal Fashion Show and Expo on Sunday, the focus seemed more on the best deals within budget constraints, rather than going overboard with the fashion fads.

Speaking for the majority of future brides looking for the best buys at Hattiesburg Lake Terrace Convention Center show, one bride put the scheme behind this year's bridal shopping as: "Cheap and easy."

Some of the to-be-brides, nearing the completion of their wedding plans were advising others about how to cut costs, and the most economical options to go in for. Those who were not willing to cut back either on dresses or list of guests, were planning to cut down on the desserts and decorations.

While doing away with the cakes, some brides were exploring options like ice cream - in fact, cake makers say that the trend appears to be the individual-sized desserts. Commenting on the new choice of many wedding plans, Tiffany Gutsche from Buttercream Cakes said: "It takes away from the individual cake cutting cost, and you've got your cake covered, so it's a 3-in-1 package."

Florists too say brides are cutting back on reception decorations. Mary Jo Mattern, owner of Chippewa Valley Floral, opines: "It will save them money by renting glassware and maybe some silk flowers and things like that."

Undoubtedly, thrift sales appear to the mantra of couples involved in their wedding-day preparations!