Swallowing Batteries Not Safe for Infants

Swallowing Batteries Not Safe for Infants

Children swallowing disc batteries can turn into more than just a minor visit to the doctor. The small disc shaped batteries that are used in our home appliances, like air conditioner remotes or watches if ingested by a child can cause severe injuries to an infant.

According to a review conducted recently in 10 cases of both girls and boys below the age of 10 months. It was found that the treatment of the ten patients lasted 6 hours to 30 days and the button shaped batteries caused severe injuries to the children.

The review was led by Stanley J. Kimball of Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus, Ohio and the treatments that were followed spanned from the year 1998 to 2008. According to Mr. Kimball, in all the 10 cases there was some injury done to the children ranging from minor to severe. He also stated in the study that most of the children were discovered with the battery only after accidental observation.

The battery, if swallowed by children, usually got stuck in the esophagus of the children and on coming in contact with liquids in the body it discharged an electrical charge that would cause tissue to burn and inflict severe damage to the esophagus lining.

The study has been published on the Archives of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, September issue.