Increased Estrogen Levels Decrease Cognitive Ability in Women

Increased Estrogen Levels Decrease Cognitive Ability in Women

According to a new study conducted at Concordia University, high estrogen levels lead to decreased cognitive ability in women.

The researchers say that higher level of estrogen hormone reduces concentration power and the ability to learn.

Wayne Brake, one of the leading researchers of the study, said, "Our findings, using a well-established model of learning called latent inhibition, shows conclusively that high estrogen levels inhibit the cognitive ability in female rodents".

Wayne said the brain physiology of both human beings and rodents are same. The estrogen level in women is quite high when they are ovulating. The high level has an impact on the women's ability to pay attention.

Wayne further added that though it is known that estrogen plays an important role in learning and memory, no clear general agreement regarding its effect is present.

The researchers are hopeful that the new study will be a good model for further human learning.

The scientists stated that the findings establish the fact that estrogen level has direct affect on the brain, maybe by hampering the brain signaling molecules.

The researchers are now planning to find out how the whole process takes place. The findings of this study have been published in the journal Brain and Cognition.