EPA Issues Notices to Five Mid-Atlantic States to Cut Pollution

EPA Issues Notices to Five Mid-Atlantic States to Cut Pollution

On Friday, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned that it will take legal action against five mid-Atlantic states, because these states have not been able to meet the deadlines to cut pollution.

The EPA told Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and New York that their plans to decrease the pollution are not very efficient and described their plans to have ‘serious deficiencies’.

The EPA mentioned that some states are way behind the 2025 deadline to cut pollution, and threatened that those states failing to meet the deadline will face higher property taxes or new rules for farms.

According to the Washington Post, to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, the Federal and State Governments have spent over $5 billion. Several fish, crabs, and oysters live in the bay and the pollution has put their lives in great danger.

Over 70% of the pollution that has caused ‘dead zones’ in the bay has been because of these five states, which have been unsuccessful to cut the pollution.

The bay is contaminated with pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus that has come from the sewerage, fertilizer, and manure. The bay is also full of unnatural algae blooms and using up oxygen that is actually for other inhabitants.