Hormone Responsible for Excessive Eating

Hormone Responsible for Excessive Eating

According to a study conducted at the University of Alberta, scientists have discovered a key reason behind eating disorders amongst people. The researchers have blamed a hormone called grehlin to be responsible for the amusing yet serious disorder.

The scientists have stated that grehlin happens to be the reason behind people suffering from the Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). An eating disorder in which, people feel like they are hungry at all the times in a day.

Though, not high in prevalence, PWS affects every one person in 10,000 people and is also a major reason behind obesity among children.

While commenting on the disorder, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics with the University of Alberta, Andrea Haqq stated that till date there is no cure for PWS. She added that most of the people suffering from PWS end up at homes that are especially made to supervise eating habits.

The availability of food for the patients suffering from the eating disorder needs to be restricted in a very strict manner at all the environments of the patient. The amounts of the hormone grehlin that is responsible for the eating disorder, has been found to be five times higher among the people with disorder when compared to normal obese people and twice as high when compared to normal people.