In Order to Win a Bet from Pals, Peter Ajello Sheds off Half His Weight

In Order to Win a Bet from Pals, Peter Ajello Sheds off Half His Weight

Overindulging on burgers, pancakes and pizza had made Peter Ajello extremely heavy at 203kg. But the determination to win a bet from his pals made him lose more than half his weight.

The junk-food lover gave up on everything to shed off extra flab from his body. In one month, he was able to get rid of 22kg, which stunned all his close buddies. But they told him that he won’t get slimmer than that.

They even tried to tempt him by sending chicken wings and pizzas to his house every night, but he was so determined that he didn’t deviate from his dieting regime.

Mr. Ajello’s hardwork paid off and he was able to shed more than he was supposed to lose in bet. He won the bet.

Mr. Ajello, of Florida said that his friends did not think that he would be able to win the bet, but he was hell-bent on proving them wrong.

In order to win the bet, he had avoided all kinds of junk food and alcohol. However, he used to treat himself a dark chocolate off and on to gratify his urge for sweets. He also took to the treadmill placed in his basement, to get back in shape.

He reveals, “I was known as the guy who could eat and eat. In college, my friends would set me eating challenges – it made me feel popular”.

A good diet, along with exercise sessions not only helped him in getting slim, it also saved him after he got a stroke and was detected with diabetes.