ME Sufferers Not Eligible for Blood Donation

ME Sufferers Not Eligible for Blood Donation

People suffering from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis would not be allowed to donate blood in the UK. The disease whose short form is known as ME is a neurological disorder that affects many people across the world.

The new legislation that was announced on Friday would come into effect from the 1st of November. It was drafted by NHS Blood and Transplant with the intention of keeping the safety of people suffering from ME in mind.

However, the ME Association did not accept the statement and replied that the legislation was passed due to the fears that ME was caused because of a virus and a blood transfusion could lead to the spread of the disease.

People affected by ME, which is also known as the chronic fatigue syndrome, were earlier allowed to donate blood during the remission period of the disease. Though, due to the cyclical nature of this syndrome, many have asked the disease to be categorized along with multiple sclerosis.

Though, the ME Association has agreed to the ban, still they feel that the justification for the ban was not reasonable. While commenting on the ban, Dr. Charles Shepherd, the association’s medical advisor stated that given the uncertainty for the cause of the disease, the ban made perfect sense.