Couple Asks Surrogate To Abort her Fetus

Couple Asks Surrogate To Abort her Fetus

The case involving a couple from British Columbia, Canada who hired a surrogate to have their baby, is reported to have entered a critical ethical issue following their demand to the surrogate to abort the fetus she was carrying. However, the surrogate has refused their demand. But, in the end she decided to have an abortion because of her own family issues.

The couple extended a request following tests that claimed that the baby is likely to be born with Down's syndrome.

However, both the sides had undergone a contract, but the legal terms were not brought by the surrogate.

The issue was presented publically by Dr Ken Seethram, the treating doctor at the Canadian Society of Fertility and Andrology on the dispute.

He highlighted that according to a signed pact between the parties, the surrogate's disapproval for aborting the child would relieve the couple from any kind of obligation related to the responsibility for the child.

Canada's Assisted Human Reproduction Act clearly stand against the surrogacy arrangements, however, the law on parentage is vague.

“The child is seen by the commissioning parents as a product, in this case a substandard product because of a genetic condition”, quoted, Professor Francoise Baylis, a bioethicist at Dalhousie University.