266 Orcon customers lose their emails due to “email outage”

266 Orcon customers lose their emails due to “email outage”

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Orcon, which recently experienced an “email outage”, has reportedly lost the emails of 266 of its customers. The lost emails of these customers have apparently been deleted as a result of the outage.

Acknowledging the fact that the company had experienced an email outage overnight, Orcon said in a Twitter statement: “Unfortunately the outage resulted in 266 accounts losing their emails. Our engineers here are working hard to retrieve this mail; however efforts have been unsuccessful so far.”

In addition, Orcon also said that the email accounts of its remaining 200,000+ customers remained unaffected by the email glitch. Orcaon also said that it will “update affected customers by the end of the day.”

According to reports, Orcon has informed the affected customers that the emails that they have lost due to the email glitch will not be restored.

The recent outage at Orcon is not the first glitch reported by the ISP this month. Earlier too, on October 5, the company had to cope with a major outage, which supposedly resulted from to a power issue with a third-party vendor in the early hours of the morning.