Preview: Sonic Colors

Preview: Sonic Colors

The recent magnetization has been encircling around Sonic Colors which has been directed at the Wii version, SEGA and developer Dimps which also takes care of the Nintendo DS version which lives upto the needs.

Sonic Colors on the DS is akin to classic 2D Sonic formula, which has been spotted in Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and the Rush series. One can regulate Sonic via the D-pad and the face buttons, which offers the jump and homing attack controls.

In addition to the above there are additional releases of Wisps - creatures that give Sonic various power-up abilities – that aid in sprucing up the gameplay.

The demo version showcases the Nintendo DS-exclusive red Wisp, that converts Sonic into a widespread game play and at the same time, Wisps can be employed through badnicks with comfort.

At points the game converts from the traditional 2D side-scrolling perspective into a 3D gameplay sections where Sonic can accumulate rings and additional power-ups. These short cuts are similar to the mini-games than being a part of the ‘main’ game.

Sonic Colors feature to be a part of Nintendo DS game. The game runs at ease, in addition to the fact that the dual-screens come filled with flashy animations, tons of enemies and complicated 3D background designs.

The demo for Sonic Colors can be downloaded from the DS Download Service on the Nintendo Channel.


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