Koobface servers pulled down

Koobface servers pulled down

Servers featuring the Koobface botnet's C&C centre have been pulled down, but reports claim that the operators have gained more than $2 million from the spiteful networking.

The Koobface botnet had a serious toll over the weekend as servers hosting its command and control (C&C) centre were pulled down.

The main C&C centre had servers based at UK hosting company Coreix.

Alan Dean, financial director at Coreix, stated that the firm had restricted the services to three servers on Friday as part of examination with respect to the Koobface gang.

Dean reported to IT PRO stating:"Those investigations are ongoing. We therefore do not wish to make any further statement at the moment which might, even in some small way, impact on those investigations."

He further added that the commitment to along with police to pull down the law breakers for justice and at the same time removal of all those sites or services which conflict any of those laws speaks of Acceptable Use Policy.

In case of time period between June 2009 and June 2010, Koobface could aid operators to earn $2 million (£1.24 million) as it pushed victims to download the malware and further perform the click fraud, as stated by the studies performed by the Information Warfare Monitor.

This click fraud would help produce more funding via the pay-per-click and pay-per-install schemes, the report added.