Haresco Calls for Using Pictorial Warnings on Cigarette Packages

Haresco Calls for Using Pictorial Warnings on Cigarette Packages

A partylist lawmaker has called for depicting picture-based warnings on cigarette packets so as to induce people to quit the habit of smoking.

Ang Kasangga Rep. Teodorico Haresco has proposed House Bill 3693, in which, he has pressed upon to use pictures, which depict the harsh consequences of smoking on cigarette packages.

Haresco stated that smokers by smoking did not harm themselves, but others as well, who inhale second-hand smoke.

"Smoking causes mouth, throat and respiratory diseases, including lung cancer, the most prevalent cause of cancer-related deaths among males", said Haresco.

His recommendation is based on a new study by the Philippine Cancer Society. The study has revealed that tobacco use, has not only increased the number of cases related to lung cancer, but has also affected the health of other people in the form of passive smoking.

Haresco is of the view, that the approach of conveying harmful effects of smoking through textual or written warnings is not enough to curb the menace. He felt that picture-based warnings had a greater impact on the mind of smokers and non-smokers.

The proposed bill includes, conveying an anti-smoking message both through a picture-based warning and a textual warning on cigarette packs.

Fines will be imposed on manufactures for not adhering to the regulations contained in the bill. For the first offense, there will be a fine of P1 million, P5 million fine for a second violation and a fine of P20 million or imprisonment of not more than one year or both, along with cancelling business permit and license for third breach.