Financial burdens take toll on LA man – shoots family, self

In a state of helplessness pushed to a corner, a Los Angeles man took the fatal escape-route for himself as well as his family. After Ervin Lupoe and his wife lost their respective jobs as medical technicians, they decided to end their own lives, as well as those of their five young children - an 8-year-old daughter, twin five-year-old daughters, and twin two-year old sons.

After making known the job-related problems to a local broadcaster, in south Los Angeles' Wilmington suburb, by phone and fax, Lupoe shot dead all his family members before killing himself. When the police, informed by the broadcaster, reached Lupoe's house, they found the family dead - and the revolver lying close by telling the tale of woe!

As per the broadcaster, KABC-TV, Lupoe's faxed note read thus: "We have no job and five children under eight years old with no place to go. Why leave the children to a stranger? So here we are!"

The incident, sending shock waves around Southern California, happens to be the third family mass killing during the last six months.

It is quite apparent that financial burdens took their toll on the perished family. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called it a case of desperation putting people "over the edge." Counseling the people to refrain from undertaking such extreme measures, the Mayor said: "Help is available. Resources exist."