SarahPac - political action committee launched by Sarah Palin

With the aim of furthering her political activities, Sarah Palin has launched a political action committee - SarahPac - on Tuesday. The latest move, by the Alaska Governor and the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate for the 2008 general elections, is being widely seen as a step in the direction of a probable run for the president in 2012.

Conforming to federal law, PACs are groups using donations for exerting influence over elections. The rules have it that, for primaries and general elections separately, contributions from donors cannot exceed a yearly $5,000 per PAC and, similarly, contributions from PACs to each candidate cannot exceed $5,000 per election.

According to Palin aides and SarahPac website, the PAC would support "fresh ideas and candidates who share our vision for reform and innovation." Towards that end, supporters of any political affiliation are welcome to contribute to any candidate of their choice.

Aides revealed that Palin would be restricting her political activity till April - the end of the Alaska legislative session. Nonetheless, she wishes to get her presence marked at the Alfalfa Club dinner - a high-profile get-together of political and media enterprise - in Washington this weekend.

Next month, Palin would also likely be addressing the Conservative PAC convention in Washington.

In fact, on the SarahPac site, Palin has talked of the Republican Party being "on the threshold of an historic renaissance," requiring to focus on education, health care, and government reform!