650,000 Prius Hybrids will be repaired by Toyota

650,000 Prius Hybrids will be repaired by Toyota

Toyota Motor Corp will be paying for repairing about six hundred and fifty thousand of its models of Prius Hybrid all across the world having coolant pump fault for which the cars can get overheated and lose power as stated by the vehicle company.

Under the repair campaign Prius cars for the model 2004-2007 will be there. The majority cars in the tune of three hundred and seventy eight thousand are from the United States.

According to the Japanese auto major they have not received any single reports of injuries or accidents caused by the model from problems with the pump by which the coolant for the hybrid system is circulated.

Many big automakers conduct repair campaigns often which are not safety recalls when they can figure out that the defect does not risk the safety. Toyota also does the same.

The auto company said that for the defect in the design of the electric water pump air bubbles can enter the system which is slowing the circulation and the components of the car is getting heated up.

Toyota further stated that if the components get heated then a warning light might start glowing. If it is left unattended then the vehicle can get overheated and get into a mode called `fail-safe' where the engine power gets lowered.

According to the Japanese automaker the owners will be notified of the Prius repair campaign in the early part of the coming December.

The auto giant has been using different kind of pump design on Prius hybrid since then and is using another type of pump for other hybrids as stated by John Hanson, the spokesperson of Toyota.

The auto company will bear all the cost of repair in which labor cost worth hundred dollars for each car will also be included. The repair will be conducted in one of the US dealerships.