Doctors Warn of Breast Milk Available on the Net

Doctors Warn of Breast Milk Available on the Net

The pediatricians are said to have issued warnings against the breast milk sharing program which has made mothers across Canada share their spare milk with other parents in need. This program was reportedly initiated by a Montreal woman on social networking website Facebook.

This milk sharing program is said to have gained popularity in B. C., Manitoba and Ontario because of a very abrupt network building.

Kwasnica said "Women don't want to be feeding their babies powder infant formula, and they want help so we're working together as mothers. For now they're just provincial pages, but it's picking up with a lot of speed and it'll disband into even smaller groups".

Some 100 and 280 fans can today be seen on each site which is being shown by regional hubs in Canadian provinces. This is why the Health Canada is being asked to issue warnings as soon as possible.

Since one does not have the medical information about the donor therefore it is highly risky to obtain breast milk through the Internet or directly from other women. The federal agency is said to have issued a statement about health risks of the same on Friday.