NVIDIA to pack more CPU cores in smartphones, tablets

NVIDIA to pack more CPU cores in smartphones, tablets

In a this-week-published about mobile multi-core processors, NVIDIA confirmed its efforts to pack more CPU cores into mobile devices - such as smartphones and tablets - for faster task execution; thereby enhancing their performance, as well as saving battery life.

NVIDIA further elaborated that the addition of processor cores is apparently a better option than cranking up CPU clock speeds to improve performance, which could result in excessive heat dissipation and power draw.

Saying that "dual-core processors will be the standard in 2011, and quad-core is coming in the near future," NVIDIA added that most of the present-day mobile devices contain single-core processors that are incapable of handling new mobile applications, including 3D gaming and video.

Noting that it is currently-shipped Tegra 2 chip for tablets is dual-core - comprising two Arm processor cores and a GeForce graphics core -, NVIDIA added that it intends delivering Tegra 2 chips for smartphones in the fourth quarter.

Moreover, giving the example of Tegra 2 chip, NVIDIA noted in the paper that certain tasks can be distributed and shared across workloads.

In addition, the company also said that it aims at bringing the CUDA framework to mobile phones; along with introducing a set of tools designed for harnessing the parallel-processing capabilities of CPUs, as well as graphics processing units to boost system performance. As per the company, the technology has the potential to supercharge applications like video rendering and gaming on smartphones and tablets.