Calls for Smoke-Free Surroundings

Calls for Smoke-Free Surroundings

These days a lot of people smoke in public places like playgrounds and open eating areas. Smoking not only causes health problems for those individuals who smoke but also effect non-smokers equally. Researchers reported that 52 people in NSW died due to passive smoking in the year 2007, including nearly 15 children under 15.

Lighting cigarettes should be banned in public places as it causes harmful impact on the rest of the population.

Assistant Health Minister (Cancer) Frank Sartor released a discussion paper that promoted the idea of banning cigarette smoking publically. The purpose is to reduce smoking rate by 0.5% by the end of 2016 and 10% until 2020.

Almost 17.25% adults in NSW are smokers. Therefore, in order to reduce this rate, such effective measures are being taken. As smoking is banned in NSW pubs and clubs, the councils have further banned smoking on beaches.

"We have made great inroads into the prevalence of smoking in recent years through targeted prevention campaigns, legislation and enforcement activity", said Mr. Sartor.

An active smoker is not the only one who is at risk, but persons in his/her surroundings are equally at risk and they have to face severe consequences.