26-Year old leads the Way for Raising Funds for Underprivileged Children

26-Year old leads the Way for Raising Funds for Underprivileged Children

Alex Petrou comes across as a normal outgoing young man. However there is something unique about the 26 year old Townsville based James Cook University Student. Alex can see the need for a change in global society and is taking action to strive for social justice and the re-education and development of our youth of today.

His journey started on November 25th when Petrou commenced a 1700km walk in 30 days up the East Coast of Australia armed with a tent and a back pack, to raise money for a fun camp for children who suffer from cancer, and also to raise money for an orphanage in Cambodia so the children can be taught english.

Petrou says "the need for global change is upon us, we must act, and we must act now. Many of us are content with coasting along in life believing we are not in a position to change it. I hope to re-ignite the flame of altruism in many and also inspire our youth of today to become less superficial and materialistic"

Petrou is aiming to be in his final destination by christmas day to celebrate with friends and family. Upon his arrival it is back to business as this determined student and youth worker plans his next trip, this time with plans to conquer the USA.

"We can not look at global change through an ethnocentric lens. This struggle is a universal one and for that reason my team and I hope to capture and inspire the hearts of many around the globe to pursue a more just society" says Petrou.

To help reach the $40,000 target Petrou has set, you can donate online at UniteForaChange.com you can also follow Petrou throughout his journey at AlexanderPetrou.com or via twitter under alexanderpetrou.


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