Projects Runs by Aboriginal control are Better in Shape

Projects Runs by Aboriginal control are Better in Shape

Current government policies that do not grant strength to Aboriginal groups are less likely to benefit indigenous groups, said an Australian National University report released recently.

Academics at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research carried an explicit comparison of the community development in remote areas with four projects under the guidance of local authorities in Central Australia.

The comparison showed that projects under the control of Central Land Council are much better and stand at a significantly higher likeliness of forming ongoing community benefits.

"My understanding is that they [the Central Land Council] believe that if Aboriginal people are able to articulate their aspirations and then pursue them effectively, then lives will improve", Dr. Janet Hunt from the center was quoted as saying. "And we have some evidence of that in the work that they're currently doing".

He added that the government approach that is presently being practised does not work as well.