Canadian Officer Studying Health Effects of Wind Turbine

Canadian Officer Studying Health Effects of Wind Turbine

Grey Bruce public health department is all eagerly waiting for the report from Medical Officer of health Dr Hazel Lynn who is heading the study on the health effects of wind turbines on Canadians.

The need for the study cropped up after the various local municipalities raised their voices for it.

As the official head of the study, she said that she is in touch with all the researchers. Stressing the fact that loads of things still needs to be done before she puts the final report together; she denied all the speculations of the report getting prepared in the near future.

Terming that working on the study is like putting together small pieces of puzzle, she told the media that it is not at all easy to carry out such an expensive study with many practical obstructions that they will have to face.

With the funding source of the study not decided as yet, it seems to be a herculean task as the government and the turbine owners have completely washed off their hands form the issue of funding the study as they are earning huge profits from the turbines.

However she agreed that the people face many ill-effects on their health living close to the wind turbines and insomnia is the most common of all.