Christmas and its Real Essence


Christmas is not just about the cakes and the turkey and the appetizers. But one visit to a religious center would give an idea of what Christmas really is and what do the three wise men really stand for. A lot of religious homes happen to have three figurines of the Holy Family, the Infant Jesus, St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Apart from them, the three magi are also very special, as they travelled all the way to Bethlehem from a distant country, by just following a star they saw. As soon as the men saw the Infant Jesus, all of them kneeled to him and gave a gift each.

The first wise man gave gold; the second gave frankincense, while the third gave myrrh. All of the gifts are a lesson to be learnt in them self, as gold signifies prestige and wealth, as it cannot be forgotten that Jesus was a king and that he was a descendant of David.

The Frankincense, which is widely used in prayers and other ceremonies, is for the identity of Jesus. The incense helps in people coming together and praying for Christ to celebrate the worship of god in church. The third was myrrh which was also biblical emblem of the dead and shows that even though Christ is God, but as he was in a human form, he was a mortal. The myrrh is the best way to explain about his death on the cross.