The Famous Pillow Fight Night at Shanghai

The Famous Pillow Fight Night at Shanghai

For enjoying Christmas, a traditional way of spreading joy with the epic pillow fight was held for 25 minutes in the Mao Livehouse Club in Shanghai this year as well. This pillow battle involved more than 600 party seekers who created a whirlwind with cotton fillings cracked all over the room.

The concept was to enjoy live music, along with pillows clutched in hands and cracking the cotton fillings throughout the club area. This made the tourist and locals went mad and crazy. Besides fun, this concept is also known to be a great stress buster, because it is a good way to set people free from pressure. This being the reason, it is so famous in China.

To this added Cai Jun, the event's organizer "In China, a pillow fight is a novelty. It is a softly-violent way to release pressure after a whole year's work. So it's welcomed by white collar and young people".

For becoming a part of this exciting event, approximately an online registration of 800 people was received, but due to security reasons, the same was restricted to 600 only by the police officials.

During this pillow fight night, one thousand pillows were used as weapons leaving a messy aftermath.