Scottish Labour Urges for Tagging Alcohol Bottles

Scottish Labour Urges for Tagging Alcohol Bottles

In an effort to dampen under-age drinking, Scottish Labour has urged local licensing boards to make tagging of alcohol bottles mandatory in the vulnerable areas where there is a grave problem of antisocial behavior associated with drinking.

A unique code is issued to the off licenses under the scheme using which they have to mark their bottles so that a particular store can be tracked from codes. In case of under-age people taking alcohol or there is illegal use of alcohol by an adult, the officers through the unique code can trace the seller.

There is already followed tagging scheme in Dundee on pilot basis, where it was implemented by Tayside Police. Scottish Government says that tagging alcohol bottles comes within the scope of police.

"Those who supplies alcohol to young people needs to realize that they are often fuelling antisocial behavior as well as breaking the law", said Labour's Community Safety spokesman James Kelly.

He added that the approach would help curbing under-age drinking, which was often associated with anti-social behavior.

According to the Scottish Government, it had always boosted police to take help of tagging alcohol bottles approach to deal with under-age drinking.

The scheme doesn't only aim at shops that sell alcohol to under-age customers, but is also extends to proxy customers i. e. adults purchasing alcohol for minors.