Teens Faking Mental Illnesses to Look Cool: Survey

Teens Faking Mental Illnesses to Look Cool: Survey

One of the most famous tricks of school children has been to fake illnesses in order to get a leave from school. But a recent trend among youngsters has raised many eyebrows. Apparently, teenagers these days, in order to look cool fake mental conditions, which is truly a very sad thing.

A recently conducted survey reported that more than one-third adolescents accepted that they lied about a mental health condition to gain peer acceptance and to standard apart from the rest. The basic problems that kids these days fake include addiction, self-harm and depression.

The people to blame for this strange behavior are no other than the celebrities themselves, who teenagers feel have influenced them to look this way. Probably they happen to really take a liking to the actual problems of depression and angst faced by celebrities like Britney Spears and Kerry Katona.

The poll was carried out by the online portal known as mentaline. com, which found that 10% of the teenagers felt that erratic behavior and acting out was cool. Apart from that, 50% out of these teenagers felt that such a behavior was trendy and around 25% felt that it made them look cool.

Around 16% of the adolescents also expressed that celebrities suffering from such conditions made the whole thing look glittery and attractive.

Though, Jesper Buch from Mentaline. com said that it was astounding to see that young people these days felt that mental illnesses were good. Buch expressed that such problems are serious issue and children should not look at them, with such behavior.