Canada to Now Focus on e-health Care System

Canada to Now Focus on e-health Care System

The doctors of Canada are now going to adopt the simple slogan to improve the health systems of the country and that is “You can do it, we can help.” Now it is going to urge people to take care of their health themselves, more than relying on their doctors.

With a recent report from Commonwealth Fund ranking Canada last in the management and prevention of the chronic diseases, Canada is pulling up their socks by doubling their expenditure on the health systems. The expenditure has rapidly increased to $192-billion from $95-billion.

Canada is aiming to make their patients ‘even smarter’ by making them tech savvy and making the two way communication possible with the doctors for getting the health facilities at the click of the mouse through internet services.

One of the physicians say that the health care systems at present are one-way communicated where the patients are just the passive receivers.

Now the nation is all set to witness a change as every citizen, even a newborn will have their own Personal Health Page. Just like the people getting crazy about Facebook, they will also get the similar tools and applications on the health page like joining groups, creating communities, supporting causes and get the instructions for special tests or medical procedures.

Dr. Michael Evans of Toronto’s St. Michaels Hospital said that the doctors should do more to encourage patients to take advantage of the resources available in online health care communities.