Are Nuts and Fruits Really Good to Consume!

Are Nuts and Fruits Really Good to Consume!

With New Year resolutions into line and a number of people planning to begin with strict diet regimes, have made many researchers to carry a survey on the products preferred during the diet courses.

For those who prefer stocking up on fruits and nuts instead of chocolates and sweets have something important to know from this survey carried out by the SupermarketOwnBrandGuide website. As per their report these seeds and nuts have high content of unhealthy amounts of saturated fat. Therefore if you are among those diet planners, then it's advisable for you to ignore consuming such products.

Dried fruits are usually high in sugar, therefore individuals grabbing on them should be cautious enough for their sugar levels.

As per the report, 100g of brazil nuts consists of 16.4g of saturated fat which is equal to three fourth of the recommendable daily diet for women. At the same time, a handful of dried raisins consist of 69g of sugar, which is again more than three-quarters of the advisable amount. High levels of saturated fat exist in sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds, whereas 100g of Kit Kat chocolate bar consists of 47.8g of sugar.

The survey brings in a real picture about nuts and fruits for all those who prefer living a healthy life.