The First Generation of Baby Boomers turns 65 this Year

The First Generation of Baby Boomers turns 65 this Year

The American baby boomers, who grew up at the time of Woodstock are turning old, with the first batch turning 65 this year. Though, to a normal human being this would not come as a surprise of any sort but to Medicare they certainly spell more trouble.

Apparently, the already overburdened healthcare system will try taking care of a more demanding generation that is suffering from a number of chronic diseases. Prior to these seniors, previous batches were a lot less demanding and only sought help for infectious diseases. But, new enrollments for Medicare are facing ailments like the Alzheimer's, cardiac diseases, diabetes and cancer.

For an example, anyone suffering from a trick knee would have ignored the condition and suffered in silence. However, seniors these days will rather ask for a knee replacement procedure rather than endure the pain.

Talking about the situation, the Founding Dean of Quinnipiac University's School of Medicine, Dr. Bruce Koeppen informed that there are 75-million people, who have been categorized as baby boomers. He added that these people will end up using the healthcare services in a more rampant manner than their predecessors.

Given the shortage of medical professionals, the situation is bound to get worse and will lead to the burdening of the system. He said the situation will deteriorate in all aspects, be it the economic, social or political costs, ever sphere will suffer.