Ford and Toyota jointly hold the top spot of a brand survey

Ford and Toyota jointly hold the top spot of a brand survey

Ford Motor Co. joined Toyota Motor Corp. as the most favorably considered auto brand by American consumers in a survey that got released today by Consumer Reports magazine.

Ford has gone up by thirty five percentage points in the past two years, while Toyota has declined by forty six points, leaving the automakers with scores of one hundred and fifty four and one hundred and forty seven respectively, as stated by the Yonkers, a New York-based consumer magazine .Ford excelled in factors like quality safety and value that matter most to consumers as per statement made by the magazine.

Toyota went down because it recalled more than eight million vehicles all over the world during the last two years. Ford, the only big American automaker to avoid bankruptcy, surpassed Toyota in factors like quality, safety, value, performance and style as stated by the magazine.

Ford capitalized on the momentum that was seen in last year's study, which possibly was the result of a model lineup with reliability, improving performance and styling as stated by Consumer Reports. The huge number of recalls announced by Toyota earlier in this year resulted in the defilement of its public image as measured by the poll.

Consumer Reports National Research Center had done the countrywide survey from Dec. 2 through Dec. 6 of one thousand seven hundred and twenty one adults in households that possessed at least one car.

Ford went up by fifty one cents, equivalent to 2.9 percent, to hit seventeen dollars and eighty nine cents seen at two minutes past four in the composite trading of New York Stock Exchange. That was its highest closing price for the shares after 23, May of 2002.