Japanese firm NEC brings out LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet

LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet

Tablets attract all the attention at CES 2011 and Japanese company NEC has jumped into the competition with the LT-W Cloud Communicator, a slate having dual touch screens that unfolds like a book and runs Android 2.1.

One need not be that excited as the device is not coming to market anytime soon. NEC representatives reported to the PCMag that the tablet would be first launched in Japan, probably within next six months, and the firm currently has no formal plans to take it anywhere else.

NEC is into system designing as well as manufacturing, it also licenses its products to other firms to bring them to market, so if and when the tablet comes out, it in all possibility won't come out in NEC’s brand name.

I happened to go to the NEC booth to spend some quality time with a prototype LT-W which according to the company reps is not called the LifeTouch, although the report said otherwise including an early version of this one, I could not help but respect the gadget. The dual seven-inch touch screens are resistive, not capacitive like most of the other smartphones and other tablets.

Thus the touch interface wasn't as senisitive as I would have liked, but it was still better than my expectations. The TFT LCDs were definitely having more muted colors than the typical LCD, looking more like color E Ink.

The Tablet’s ARM Cortex A8 processor did a fantastic job of keeping up with my app switching, button pressing, and Web surfing, though I never tried out any video. It's easy to toggle most applications from a single screen to spread across both screens, allowing you to two fold your screen space, helpful for drawing applications or help you see things closer by putting one full image on the left with a zoomed portion on the right.