New Efforts to Negotiations by HSAS

New Efforts to Negotiations by HSAS

The health care professionals such as paramedics and pharmacists are ready to resume a talk over the bargaining table on Thursday between the Health Services Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) and the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO).

HSAS released an online survey and about 75% respondents agree that staffing crisis needs to be sorted out. According to the HSAS President, Ms. Cathy Dickson, they have been holding talks over the matter for the last 21 months and they don't want to go back to the bargaining table for the same just to waste their time.

The union represents about 3,000 workers from 30 different professions is demanding wages and benefits on par with their counterparts in Alberta. They also demanded an equal pay as compared to the registered nurses in Saskatchewan.

SAHO President and CEO, Susan Antosh, said that the organisation will consider the cases with justice. However she confirmed that the nurses are not included in the equation.

However, she mentioned that the staffing has increased by 15% overall from the time of the last contract. She blames the HSAS to dispute the figures saying that the organisation is looking into HSAS's initial proposal about pay hikes, and other financial implications, which was in the range of 40% increase over three years.

Meanwhile, the government is engaged in another negotiation process with the physicians to reach a new fee-for-service agreement. The members of the Professional Association of Interns and Residents (PAIRS) are also facing similar problem as they are also without contract.