Ensuring riders’ safety is the no 1 priority of Toyota

Ensuring riders’ safety is the no 1 priority of Toyota

Toyota is all set to set up a safety research center investing around 50million dollar in Ann Arbor in a span of 5 years in a move seeking recovery from those million high profile safety recalls over the past 1.5 year. This move is though to the reliability and reputation of the Number one automobile manufacturers of the whole world.

From what Toyota said the new investment is not likely to create new jobs but will be providing more work for those 1000 already employed workers working in the New York based 187 million dollar Township that got commenced in 2008 and in Ann Arbor.

A fine of 48.8 million dollar is the amount that Toyota had agreed to pay the U. S. government owing to the recalls. Akio Toyoda made the public aware of this at the congressional hearing in the previous year which came as the company's response to the charges of unintended acceleration by its vehicle.

Bruce Brownlee who holds the post of senor administrative officer at Toyota Technical centre said that their president made the commitment to the congress to take a lead role in car safety and the above is an effort to keep the promise.

Children, seniors and teens are the ones accounting 30% of the deaths is U. S. due to car accidents and thus the research center to be opened by Toyota will include searching for different ways to protect the riders and decrease driver's distraction.

An Electronic monitoring and coaching system which is going to help teenagers learn driving more safely is about to be built by National Institute of Health and Virginia Tech with the help of the new formed safety group.

In a move to ensure child safety the national crash surveillance system is to be created with the help of Toyota in the Children hospital of Philadelphia.