Ectopic Pregnancy Can Be Caused by Chlamydia: New Research

Ectopic Pregnancy Can Be Caused by Chlamydia: New Research

A research team from the University of Edinburgh have discovered that the women who suffer from Chlamydia are more vulnerable to ectopic pregnancies. The women who have contracted the sexually transmitted infection (STI) have more chance to produce the protein PROKR2 in their fallopian tubes.

The study follows its preceding researches by the University. The previous research showed that even smokers can grow with the similar symptoms and get affected by ectopic pregnancies.

Chlamydia which is the commonest sexually transmitted infection in the UK is certainly curable but the trouble is it rarely shows the symptoms. The infection causes infertility due to some blockage in the fallopian tubes.

The study was published in the American Journal of Pathology and it was completely funded by the Wellbeing of Women and the Medical Research Council.

According to Dr Andrew Horne, of the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Reproductive Biology, Chlamydia is a major risk factor for ectopic pregnancies.

The new study will put light on the origin of the infection and help researchers to come out with some helpful solutions. The women suffering from this disease can now have more accurate information about the risk of such infection.

The study revealed that women who smoke have double chances to develop the protein more than non-smoking women leading to pregnancy disorder.